It’s been almost two years since the NSW Department of Fair Trading issued a warning about Android Enjoyed, after they ended up atop the Departments complaints register two months in a row.

According to the Department of Fair Trading Complaints Register, Android Enjoyed garnered 45 complaints against them in February and a further 50 complaints in March.

Android Enjoyed is part of the Digital Skies Group, who run both Android Enjoyed which focuses on mobile phone sales and Camera Sky which focuses on cameras. Last time they were in the sights of NSW Fair Trading, Digital Skies Group was also running online watch sales company Klukkur, which seems to no longer be trading.

While not at the top of the register, Camera Sky is also listed on both the February and March complaints register with 25 complaints registered against them in February, and 28 complaints in March.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said the return appearance had prompted Fair Trading to re-issue a public warning against the retailer. Mr Kean said ‘Their disappointing business practises are totally unacceptable, and consumers shouldn’t have to cop that’.

The history of complaints with Fair Trading – who received over 45,000 complaints in 2016/17 – against Android Enjoyed and their sister company, has prompted Minister Kean to action. Mr Kean said ‘Fair Trading has previously issued an enforceable undertaking against the company, and for a short time that appeared to be making a difference.’

In terms of what is being done to resolve the issues, Fair Trading attempts to resolve the complaints between the vendor and customer through negotiation, with 85% of complaints being resolved that way. This appraoch does not appear to be working with Minister Kean directing the Department to ‘investigate what further action can be taken against Android Enjoyed, and its parent company.’

We’ve asked Android Enjoyed for a statement regarding the complaints, however in line with their usual habit of not replying to even paying customers, they’ve not responded to us either.

Source: NSW Fair Trading.