At 98% off, it’s one of the best deals you’ll find on storage.

We all dread those notifications that let us know our device is almost out of storage, and quite frankly, the amount of free storage you can get from iCloud or Google Drive isn’t significant. Rather than paying a bunch of fees to use one of those two systems, consider picking up this handy Lifetime Subscription to 2TB of Zoolz Cloud Storage while it’s on sale on tech deals site StackSocial for $44.95.

The Zoolz plan offers a few great benefits. Not only do you get 1TB of Instant Vault storage, but you also get 1TB of Cold Storage for life. That means you can store all of that information you don’t need anymore but still have to keep records of without taking up precious space in your other cloud storage systems. Zoolz even has a great interface and features like bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, and file retention. It’s the best data storage solution for anyone, whether you’re a lone wolf or an entire organization.

Normally, to get a 2TB Lifetime Subscription with Zoolz Cloud Storage, you would have to hand over $3,600. But since it’s on sale for 98% off today, you can get in on this deal for just $44.95, which is a small price to pay for a lifetime of reassurance.

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    I think this is a scam. I just forked out USD44.95 on StackSocial. Got my license key. Entering it into the Zoolz website says the “License is either invalid or expired”. Not good.

    My apologies. It does work. One needs to Click on the Redemption Link in the final stages of the order. I tried to login to my account and “upgrade” which wouldn’t work.


    I bought the 500GB version of this lifetime deal a couple of years ago.
    I was (and still am) concerned about how long my lifetime deal lasts.
    You know Zoolz gets bought out by someone else or goes bankrupt.
    Anyhow it’s been 2 years and the service has been good and the Zoolz software works well. BTW I love how they say 98% off, no-one is paying or has ever paid $3,600 for this lifetime subscription!!