Google has added in another setting into the Google Home Settings for their Assistant, with ‘Stocks’ appearing for some users.

The option to add Stocks is seemingly a server side rollout, and it may also be geographically locked like Routines. In screenshots of the Stocks configuration screen shared by Android Police, the setup shows NASDAQ, NYSE and OTC Markets Group but not the ASX which we’d need for following local stocks.

According to Android Police, even once setup with some Stocks to follow, there’s nothing actually happening with the information in the Assistant. They speculate that once fully integrated it could be accessed by asking Google Assistant about ‘My Stocks’, theorising there could be Android TV, or Wear OS options as well – perhaps a visual shown on Chromecast? ‘Ok Google, Show me my stocks on Chromecast’?

Google announced subscriptions for the Assistant in March at SXSW, which would allow you to subscribe to pieces of information. Getting a stock price was mentioned, though it was used as an example of how a third-party Assistant app could deliver the information, whereas this appears to be very much a first party action.

We can’t see it on our devices yet, but it looks interesting.

Via: Android Police.