We’re getting closer to series 7 of the Dead Zebra Android Mini collection launch, and in part 4 of the series we get to meet a further three Androids and we now know they’ll be available for sale on May 10th.

The new series which will be released this month, includes Android Mini figures which can be taken apart and mixed and matched. Heavily robot themed, the new series will be called the ‘robot revolution’ and should, if past series are anything to go by, feature 16 Android figures.

In this Part 4 post, we see another three, but before we get there keen eyed Android mini fans will have noticed an unannounced one in the header of the last post. Standing atop the box of Androids was this drone toting droid:

But on with the new ‘Droids’ starting with “WONK-3” from Dutch design duo LouLou & Tummie. Wonk-3 will be available in 1/16 ratio, with a limited edition chase colour variant as well.

Onwards to an Android figure that speaks to me with the “RECLAIMER” from Dead Zebra Inc who describe it as ‘a robot… of death!’ Reclaimer will appear once in every box of 16, and just looks the business as a skeleton painted droid.

Last, but by no means least, from the designers at Google comes “LUMEN-8”, a throwback to the original Android Mini series of Androids from 2011, which featured a novelty glow-in-the-dark Android. Lumen-8 also glows in the dark but has the bonus of fitting in with the other mix-n-match Androids in the robot revolution.

We’ll be counting down the days till May 10th when the latest series goes live in the Dead Zebra store. There will be one more ‘Meet the Androids’ from Dead Zebra between now and then, so stay tuned.

Source: Dead Zebra.