Google Pay, their unified payments system that took over from both Google Wallet and Android Pay, is now expanding to more places with Google announcing that it’s coming to both the desktop, and iOS, though only through the web.

When they launched Google Pay in February, the company outlined that Google Pay would be live through both ‘apps and websites you love’, though it seems to have been limited to select partners like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse and Instacart. This latest incarnation appears to be a broadening of that.

According to Google, you’ll be able to see the Google Pay option in browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, with the added bonus that if you’re on a Pixelbook and have a card saved to Google Pay, you can use it with your iPhone.

In terms of local partners, you can pay with Google Pay through websites like JB HiFi, Deliveroo and Wish, though we expect this to expand as Google works with local partners.

If your bank supports it, then maybe it’s time to setup Google Pay if you haven’t already.

Source: Google.
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    Certainly it would be nice if it took off enough to offer an alternative to Paypal for online shopping on the web.


    Related to Google Pay, it would be nice to have Smart Tap features asap. I’m not sure if the hold up is with Google or Australian businesses??? Apple users can already use their Woolworths Rewards cards by holding their phones to the NFC point-of-sale terminals.


    I’m confused. Woolworths reward cards are just used for accumulating points to get a reduction in your shopping. There not used on an actual point of sale machines, just a shopping scanner.


    Same thing. At Woolworths you can use the NFC point-of-sale terminal to send your loyalty card data as your groceries are being scanned using Apple Pay ( Then, with a second tap on the terminal you can send your payment data.


    Ok, so you would have to fire up the rewards card so you can tap on the NFC then fire up google play to pay. So currently with android you fire up the app to scan your bardcode then fire up google play to pay. Much the same really, just a scanner Vs NFC for one of them.


    The way the current system works with the AppleWallet is our pinpads are activated waiting for the rewards card so you hold your iPhone against it and it’ll pop up and register then when the cashier has finished scanning and ready to total the pinpad will switch to accepting a payment signal and then you hold your phone against it again and this time the debit card will pop up and register. Its all pretty seamless and quick and im hoping it will be just as seamless with the GPay. Hopefully that makes sense and sorry for the wall of… Read more »


    Woolworths is rolling out an upgrade to our EFT pinpads next week to enable this feature, finally!

    I don’t have many details yet, just an email saying that there would be an upgrade happening Tuesday/Wednesday mornings that would enable Android users the ability to tap their rewards card.

    If I remember today I’ll try and take a pic of the email.


    Any further details? Launch date?

    Greg Eden

    I have been using both Stocard and Google Pay to scan my Woolworths reward card by the normal barcode scan. On my LG G6 and my Nexus 5x before that. This has worked for a long time. BigW as well. And Google Pay to paywave from my phone to pay the bill. Tapping the phone rather than scanning the barcode would be a nice addition.

    As most Apple users banks will not allow PayWave all I can say is woopdedoo – they have a long way to catch up.