The Assistant has been one of the biggest transformative technologies released by Google in the last few years. Google is looking to secure its future by investing in startups that will develop both hardware and software for Assistant.

The new investment program being announced today, will give startups looking to develop for Assistant access to both Google resources in the form of access to their Cloud Platform, advice from Google engineers, product managers, and design experts, as well as to their promotional channels, access to partners in order to secure early access to new technology and most importantly for startups — investment capital.

Google has announced the new investment program ahead of the start of Google I/O next week where we’re expecting to hear a lot more about the future of the Assistant, and where it will go over the next year.

On the application form for the Investment Program, Google is accepting applications from countries all around the world from companies with as few as a single employee. This says Google is serious about finding great ideas, no matter who has them. If you think you have the next great idea, head over and fill out the form.

Source: Google.