Update: Just take this one with a grain of salt – it’s possible these could be fake, hence the ultra low-resolution.

The impending launch of the OnePlus 6 is exciting on many levels, but it’s also being approached with some trepidation by those not sure about the direction of design which will apparently include a notch in the screen. The notch has been shown off in these new – admittedly low-resolution – shots, showing the notch and the phone design.

The pics come via Dutch site TechTastic who found them on Baidu. The pics show the phone sitting next to what appears to be the OnePlus 5T and an iPhone X. There’s not a lot you can tell from how OnePlus will handle the notch in software with the pictures quite washed out. As a bonus there’s also a picture of the bottom of the phone, which seems to show the 3.5mm headphone jack.

There isn’t long to go until we see the phone in full resolution, with OnePlus set to announce their new phone on May 16th in London. We’re hopefully going to see more information on availability – which we’re hoping will include Australia.

Source: Techtastic.
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    I don’t get all the hate on the notch.
    Who doesn’t want maximum screen to body ratio.
    Isn’t there now a settings feature where you can turn the notch off.
    If so, what’s the issue here??


    I do wish someone else had done an obvious notch (not just the Essential cutout) before apple. Then we wouldn’t have the tedious “but they are copying apple” moan.


    Me, I don’t care about any ratio. The screen was big enough on a nexus 5, it’s the resolution that matters to me, not whether it’s 5.5 inches or 5.7. Let the screen be a bit smaller and leave me some bezel to hang onto.

    Mike Stevens

    If a phone must have a notch, this is doing it right.