In just nine short days OnePlus will take to the stage in London and reveal the next OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 6. As they do every year OnePlus has teased their upcoming flagship this year and along with some unofficial leaks we have a fair idea what to expect in just over a weeks time.

This year OnePlus are once again streaming their announcement live via their YouTube channel. Interestingly, there is an Australian link to it. Obviously it automatically redirects there depending on your location but we can always have our fingers crossed that it means it may well be sold into Australia. For those interested in watching sign up for a calendar notification on their web page or on their YouTube video place holder.

OnePlus are also asking for help for what to include in their next feature film which will be shown on May 16 to launch the OnePlus 6. If you are interested in passing on your ideas why not head on over to their social media channels and give them your ideas.

Nine short days I suspect will become nine long days as OnePlus continue to tease us with what promises to be an amazing phone. It’s hardware seems to be up there with the best in class, it’s software is always at or near the top of the class. Hopefully their camera matches the quality of the rest of the package this year.

Will you be watching the announcement? Are you interested in purchasing a OnePlus 6? Would you buy it grey market or would you only buy it directly from OnePlus if they sold it directly to us (keep in mind they are watching your answers here)?

Source: OnePlus.
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Oh, I’m interested alright! Would much prefer to buy directly from OnePlus of course . . but would also consider a ‘grey import’.

Stephen Woots

Wot he said.