Even the most technologically-inclined among us have had that moment of panic sink in as we realize we’ve forgotten a password. The truth is, even people who are conscious about digital security often underestimate how important it is to have a good password. And, a good password is not easy to remember or guess – which is why password managers have surged in popularity.

Dashlane Password Manager is the easiest option for most due to its simple interface and secure features, and three-year subscriptions are on sale today for $59.95.

Armed with a patented security architecture, strong password generator, and secure autofill, Dashlane protects your accounts with strong logins while letting you sign in faster. Dashlane stores your credentials in its military encrypted vault, and you can opt for two-factor authentication for added security.

What’s more, Dashlane allows you to share passwords and secure notes with friends, family, or colleagues if you need to. And, you can even set up an emergency contact to inherit your passwords in case anything happens to you, protecting your passwords from prying eyes as well as the dangers of the real world.

Normally, a 3-year premium subscription to Dashlane Password Manager retails for $119.88, but it’s on sale today for 50% off, meaning you can get the app that the New York Times called “life-changingly great” for just $59.94.

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    Having read some do the comments on here just wanted to add my two cents. I assume this type of content is vetted by you rather than like the debacle with Disqus? Regardless generally the deals are tech related and if I was going to buy a Dashlane sub why not through you.


    I don’t mind the ausdroid deal from time to time because you never know if it’s something you were looking for or not.
    And Ausdroid need all the funds they need to keep the site and everything running. I don’t mind pledging to Patreon to pay few dollars per month to contribute to the awesome site that Chris and the Ausdroid team are sharing with us.
    And ads are source of revenue to keep the site running.
    I think a bit of everything at moderate amount is good balance.


    I spent quite a bit of time reviewing password managers a couple of months ago for personal and business purposes.

    DashLan, 1Password, LastPass among many others were tried and tested.

    In the end, I actually ended up settling with BitWarden. Paid $10 for Premium (yearly). Probably the best, non-bloated, open-source, cross-platform password manager I could find.

    Definitely worth checking out.


    When I look at a password manager my first thought is the security of their backend. For this reason I wouldn’t purchase a cheap product, let alone an open source one.


    That doesn’t make much sense to me but each to their own. Personally, I’d rather use something that is 100% open source that can be vetted by anyone than something that is closed and proprietary. Source code transparency is an absolute must as far as I’m concerned when it comes to software that is storing sensitive information. As for Bitwarden’s security, their website says it all. “Since all of your data is fully encrypted before it ever leaves your device, only you have access to it. Not even the team at Bitwarden can read your data, even if we wanted… Read more »


    Very simple actually, open source means hackers can easily find backdoors than a proprietary version. And its very easy to write a blurb about encryption, they could write anything they want. How true it all is is another story.
    As I said, I would never trust open source for any of my security needs. Each to their own.


    This feels like a paid advertisement from Dashlane. It’s uncomfortable and I hope this isn’t a developing trend for Ausdroid.


    I thought this was the reason we lost Disqus – so there could be less ads? I’d be happy for Disqus to come back over these promotions, but I guess if this works out better for you financially…


    Hey Chris, Appreciate the reply. I get that Ausdroid isn’t free to run but there is a difference between a deal that exists that you’re alerting your readers to and an advertisement. I commented because the wording on this was immediately different to the other articles I’ve read and it honestly made me uncomfortable to read. Maybe I’m not used to this from Ausdroid? Maybe because I have opinions about Dashlane? Maybe I don’t normally read the deals? I don’t know, but I stand by what I said. As a regular reader of Ausdroid I thought my opinion might be… Read more »

    Phill Edwards

    I think these deals are useful, and they’re headlined so you know it’s a deal being promoted by Ausdroid. Please keep them coming!

    Jeni Skunk

    Maybe this matter of covering the cost of keeping Ausdroid solvent, warrants its own article.


    They have to pay the bills somehow mate.
    I for one always like to know when there is good deals around, as individually we can’t keep track of everything.
    I only use the free version of LastPass since they hiked the pricing when they were took over. Haven’t heard of this mob before though.