The extravaganza that is Oz Comic-Con is BACK for 2018. Kicking off in Melbourne on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend (June 9th – 10th), Oz Comic-Con is the ultimate celebration of all things pop-culture with gaming, anime, comics, cosplay and heaps of international pop-culture stars!

Here’s the key facts:

If you’re keen on heading along, we’ve got two tickets to give away. We’re keeping this nice and simple; just tell is in the comments (keep it relatively brief) why you think we should pick you, and next Wednesday we’ll pick a winner – if they want both tickets, so be it, and if they only are after one, then we’ll pick a second winner for the other ticket.

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    Simply love to take teenage son to Oz comic con in Melbourne as he loves comics and everything Oz comic con has on show!


    I have a lovely new friend who has been really supportive these last few months that I would love to go with to Melbourne con. She has helped me with Uni assignments and been emotional support. Shes also the most amazing cosplayer and sew-er and I would love to help her show off her amazing skills. Neither of us have enough (being poor uni students) to buy tickets but I would love to thank her this way. Shes really lovely.


    I’d take my daughter because as she’s getting older her father is getting much less cool to hang out with… but tickets to Oz Comic-Con would surely win her over.


    I would love the excuse to take my daughter down to Melbourne for ComicCon. We have been to the local con here in Canberra, but I’m sure it’s tiny compared to what they put on in Melbourne for ComicCon.

    Michael W

    My 8 year old son wrote a bucket list earlier this year, and on the top was to attend a Comic-Con!


    My daughter loves some of the characters, she lights up whenever i take her to similar events, would love to use this opportunity to capture some photos with her favourite characters.


    Last year we went I promised my S.O I would get bender tattood on my butt and unfortunately was not able to. I would like to have another chance!


    Hey guys, thanks for the opportunity! My wife and I have never been to a comic-con before and would really love the chance to go. We are both comic book lovers, android enthusiasts and have yet to experience an event like this! Cheers.


    Me and my wife just moved down to Melbourne at the beginning of this year from interstate. The move has been expensive so we’ve had to miss out on lots of cool events going on down here. We’ve never been to a Comic-Con before and would love a chance to go!

    Michel Bergeron

    I’ve been to Comic-Con twice before but it gets so darn expensive each year with celebrity pictures and autographs. Paying the admission price for me would give me the chance to have the extras I’ve dreamt of.

    Manoj Bhandari

    I’ve only ever heard of comic-con on The Big Bang Theory TV show. Never knew there was one in Australia, too. It’d be good to win the tickets to experience it first hand. Good luck to everyone!


    My girlfriend moved from Queensland to regional Victoria and she’s missing home, so if I could take her to this that would cure the homesickness a tad since she is completely nuts for OZ Comic-Con. And we got both our phones based off Ausdroid review recommendations!