Once a niche skill, coding is now an extremely sought-after talent no matter what field you work in. And, if you don’t know the fundamentals, you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage in your job search. The good news is you don’t need to have a degree in computer science to learn how to code. You can access more than 140+ hours of beginner-friendly coding training for a price you choose with the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2018 Bundle.

Here’s how the deal works: Simply pay what you want, and you’ll instantly unlock one of the collection’s 10 courses. Beat the average price paid, and you’ll get the remaining nine at no extra charge.

Packed with 10 coding courses, this collection includes instruction on Python web apps, using iOS 11 and Swift 4 to build iPhone apps, JavaScript, Java 9, R, Angular, PHP MySQL, React, Node, C#, HTML, and CSS. If you’ve ever dreamed of building an app or making your own website from scratch, this bundle is a solid way to get started.

You can catalyze your coding education for a price you choose with the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2018 Bundle.