Australian telcos are in the midst of a data war and Optus is largely responsible. We don’t normally support conflict escalation, but when telcos fight, customers tend to win.

Optus has been pushing data-for-dollar higher and higher over the past year or so and the entire industry has followed suit. Even Telstra has been forced to offer a good deal or two.

Of course, Optus MVNO are no exception, so let’s look at some of the best SIM-only deals you can get on the Optus network.

Plans with 25GB or more

There’s been a whole heap of big data deals on Optus lately, but the biggest have all been on Optus itself and its cooler sibling Virgin Mobile. In terms of data for dollar, Virgin is a better deal thanks to a 20% off promo that runs until June 28: $40 per month gets you 28GB of data, and that’s kinda nuts.

Optus’ plans do however include a free Optus Sport subscription, which could be a nice perk if you want to watch the World Cup or the Premier League.

Plans with 15GB or more

After a little less data? Jeenee Mobile leads the pack for plans with at least 15GB, offering 15GB for $30 per month on a 12-month contract. You’ll pay a bit more if you want to go contract free: amaysim will do 15GB for $40 per 28-day recharge.

Plans with at least 5GB

Jeenee again has the standout offer when it comes to plans with at least 5GB of data. $22 per month gets you 8GB on a 12-month contract. $3 more per month (well, technically, $2.99) does however get you 10GB on Exetel.

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Phill Edwards

Just a bit of feedback. I find the term ” SIM-only” a bit confusing. Do you mean “bring you own device”?

And re Jeenee, i once tried to become a customer of theirs. I tried really, really hard. Maybe it was me…but I’ve always managed to become a customer of other telcos. They seemed incapable of taking the order and sending out a SIM card. Just mentioning it so buyers beware.

Jeni Skunk

Bring your own device is exactly what SIM-only means