The latest Android P build released this week during Google’s developer conference as a beta still has a few bugs to work out and one of those is the absence of the ‘Clear All’ option from the Overview screen.

The new Overview experience which comes with the new gesture UI is missing the option to clear all the currently running apps. During the, what many consider to be the ‘traditional final’ session of Google I/O, the Android Fireside chat, the question was asked whether the Clear All option would be brought back. A chagrined Burke onstage looked to his engineering team sitting in the audience who amusingly gave a two-part answer saying that Android manages apps quite well to clear them out of memory when required, but then confirmed the Clear All option would be returning.

Burke re-iterated this in a tweet following the chat:

According to the official timeline, the next build of Android P is due next month in June, when Google is expected to finalise the APIs for the Android P release.

When I spoke to Mr Burke during I/O, he also said that in his latest build on his phone there was also some better implementations of the Gesture UI, so it’s likely just an oversight that the ‘Clear All’ button dropped off. Hold tight, it’ll be back.

Are you liking the Android P Beta? Have you found any issues?