After a long teaser period the latest series of Android Minis – dubbed Robot Revolution – is now available to purchase from the Dead Zebra store.

The set of Androids has been shown off over the last few weeks four parts (Here: 1, 2, 3, 4), with the final ‘Meet the Androids’ showing off four new faces.

First up is DR-ONE from Dead Zebra, which comes in a 1/16 ratio complete with his own drone. The drone is packaged in a plastic container inside the box to ensure it’s not damaged in transit but it’s very cool.

Next, also from Dead Zebra is the Rob/Bee 5G! also in a 1/16 ratio, the blog says that ‘Rob prefers to communicate wirelessly via a buzzing sounds and interpretive dance’.

Next up, while I like the designs in the various series of Android Minis, I really love the plain colours and this series gets its very own Robot Revolutions mix-n-match Android Green version. You’ll find one of these in every case of 16.

Finally, you can check out the Mix-Bot 05 from Artist Kong Andri – who is credited with being the inspiration for the Robot Revolution remix idea. You’ll find him in a ratio of 1/16 so if you buy a box you’re sure to get one.

Currently the Dead Zebra store is the only place to buy them, but Dead Zebra stockists around the world will be getting these in over the coming weeks and months. From Dead Zebra, you can buy an individual droid for $12USD, or as a box of 16 Android Minis – which includes two of three rare designs – that will set you back $184USD (about $244AUD), and remember you’ll have to pay shipping to get them to Australia and if you’re wanting to purchase through the Dead Zebra store you have three options:

  • International Discount Economy – $31.42USD
  • USPS (First Class Package International Service) – $50.11USD
  • USPS (Priority Mail International) – $59.33USD

The full set allows for mixing and matching as Andrew has shown here with various remixed ‘droids.

I happened to grab a case of these on Monday from the Google Merch store at the Google Plex, and well, they’re awesome. I generally try to get them through HypePulse in China as they’re a little easier on the postage, but its up to you if you want to check out the partners who will be selling the Robot Revolutions series.

Source: Dead Zebra.