Nokia are back with a bang! Their 2018 offerings look to be mouthwatering designs. Add in the Android One operating system and you have an amazing phone no doubt. While we are yet to check out the Nokias for an extended period of time it is hard not to recommend people have a good look at them when purchasing a new phone.

A couple of weeks ago we reported that the Nokia phones circa 2018 would be available in Australia beginning with the Nokia 1 and Nokia 6 which arrived on the 4th May but the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 were apparently meant to arrive from Tuesday, May 17th for $649 and $1,199.

The good news is that the Nokia 7 plus, my pick of the bunch, is available NOW from JB Hi-Fi for $649. We have heard of one person buying it from a JB Hi-Fi so we went out to investigate and found it at another JB Hi-Fi. While the Nokia 7 plus is not on display JB do apparently have it but you have to ask for it. Ask for it and they will sell you one (in black with the copper highlights) for $649.

If you are in the market for a new phone definitely add this to the phones you check out before making your purchase. A mid-range, incredibly stylish-looking phone running stock Android One is certainly one you should be considering.

We will have the 2018 Nokia lineup hitting our review benches this week so look forward to sharing our thoughts on the various models very soon. Stay tuned for that but in the meantime if you are so inclined head out to your local JB Hi-Fi and ask for the Nokia 7 plus.


You can read the review of the Nokia 7 Plus here

Thanks: Geoff and his mate.
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Will flip phones ever come back with a quwerty keyboard? No privacy without the flip. Pocket calls and phone staying open at times..customer error I realise.


No Windows Mobile installed? No thanks. Oh, but this is hilarious: “While the Nokia 7 plus is not on display JB do apparently have it but you have to ask for it.”

Daniel Tyson

is it water and dust proof..?


I’ve been super excited about this phone. Gonna go to JB before work tomorrow and pick one up, my Moto Z Play is going fine but I’ve been working hard and haven’t bought a new toy for a while


Please check if USB-C supports HDMI, I suspect it won’t – I might be the only person that uses this!


For those people questioning the camera quality – Sideload the Pixel Camera APK onto your Nokia 8 or Nokia 7 Plus and the picture quality is a big step up.

Read the Nokia 8 thread on Whirlpool, as people have discussed it on there with links and so on.


Is it odd that it costs more than the Nokia 8? I get there’s some things better on the 7+ but the SD835 and simply the name you would think they would teir them in that order. Though I guess the 8 is old now


Android Nokia phones with the stock vanilla 8.1 Oreo OS are just so efficient and smooth to use! Been using Nokia 8 for 6 months now- love it!


Have had a Nokia 8 for a couple months now and love it. Can’t recommend it enough. The camera is the only weakness. It’s better than the Nexus 6P I upgraded from but looks terrible when compared with the other half’s Pixel 2.


So interesting to hear you say that! The Nexus 6P camera is great IMO and any upgrade I make I want to make sure it’s at least the same quality. You reckon Nokia 8 camera is better?
How did you go about finding cases and screen protectors for it? I can’t imagine Nokia is popular enough to easily find them.

Jack Bauer

Everything is on ebay


previous comment was deleted, I’m assuming for referencing a website. anyway google mobile and zap and you shall find pretty easily and Nokia have official cases on the website which you can reference.