With their developer conference over with for another year, Google isn’t done announcing new things, this morning announcing Google One, a new paid storage service to replace the Google Drive Storage you may or not being paying for.

Google One will add storage to your Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, with the option to share the additional storage you’re paying for with up to five family members with one simple bill.

Google users currently get 15GB of free storage for their accounts, with Google One there will be new tiers available with Google advising 100GB plans will start at $1.99USD, with 200GB costing $2.99USD and 2TB will be available for $9.99USD per month. Google will offer storage up to 30TB and Google says that users with an existing 1 TB Drive plans will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost.

The new service is set to supplant the old paid Drive Storage model, with users being transitioned to the new Google One Service in ‘the coming months’. Google will begin transitioning users in the US, before expanding to the rest of the world – they’re asking interested people to sign up here.

More than just storage, Google intends to add on additional ‘benefits’ that will include ‘one-tap access to experts for help with our consumer products and services’ as well as offering ‘credits on Google Play or deals on select hotels found in Google Search’. Google intends to add on more benefits over time as well.

It’s not a bad model, $2USD per month for an additional 100GB is pretty decent, and the new family sharing plan is interesting as well. We’ll hold final judgement till it goes live here and we see what additional ‘benefits’ we get outside the US.

Are you using additional Google Drive Storage?

Source: Google.
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    1 what?

    I’m not sure bundling drive into to other things is really a great idea. At least in terms of branding visibility.

    Ross A Eldridge

    Using GSuite provides 1TB and have 100Gb allocations for my private account and my wife’s account, costing $2 per month each. I wonder if the family sharing feature might be a family saving feature for me?

    Jesse Kinross-Smith

    Looking forward to the new 200GB price point. I’ve 91% filled my 100GB limit (well.. 135GB as I have a few extra bonuses due to having my account for a while) – and 1TB isn’t really needed just yet.

    Chris Kepu

    I only have the default storage by Google, but I store a lot of photos and videos from my Pixel 2 XL.

    I do use additional storage from OneDrive as additional storage comes from my plan with my Telstra services.

    Luke Roberts

    yeah the 1TB with oneDrive that comes with office 365 is great… except that it does not link well with google photos… arrgggh… all this cloud storage and still not clear answer…


    My issue was the whole path length thing so because the things I wanted to use one drive for were buried deep I kept getting errors about path length that Google Drive never had an issue with. Don’t really know why given i assume it just has normal NTFS path length limits.