Google’s mesh router system, Google WiFi, will be picking up a new feature with Google adding the option to check the connection speed of individual devices.

Google’s mesh WiFi system is pretty neat, we’re getting more into IoT around the world and they’ve noted that on average users have around 18 devices connected to the system at any one time. While it’s good to get an overall network connection speed, they’ve decided to add the option to test the connection speed of individual devices.

Google says that knowing how good of a connection a device has will allow you to modify your setup appropriately. Modifications can include re-positioning the WiFi access point, or even the device itself closer to an access point to get better signal.

The update to test individual device connections will be rolling out to the Google WiFi app over the coming weeks.

Google Wifi
Google Wifi
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    Interesting this comes out now, using Kodi and a 4k digital copy of a movie I own (on HP micro-server) on a google wifi network Kodi fails to play 4k content, audio sync issues and more. On the weekend I changed back to my Asus DSL-AC68U and no more Kodi problems. Google Wifi just can’t handle the data throughput. Wifi speeds I think top out at 300MB if you are lucky whereas the Asus unit connects at 800mb and averages 500mb as well as having 1gb lan connections with great data throughput. It would appear there is also an issue… Read more »


    It’s a step in the right direction. I really like the ease of use of google wifi, but there needs to be some advanced options for those that want to tinker a bit more.