Google Assistant offers a great number of entertainment options and the latest is a new story app from new publisher Blobfish Books.

The new Google Assistant app can read kids stories, with the initial launch of the app offering an adorable story for kids called ‘Snuffy’. There’s only one story so far, which will soon be published as a picture book, but Australian developer Andrew Dittmer – the same developer who put your child in a story – says he has plans to add more titles to the app in the future.

It’s easy to get the book in your Google Assistant, you can simply ask Google to talk to Blobfish Books and then use the ‘Read me a story’ command to have Snuffy read to you.

Andrew will be updating his website – – when there are new stories added to the app, as well as when the picture book goes on-sale. You can also follow Blobfish on Twitter and Facebook as well.

It’s an endearing story which runs for just under 5 minutes, and makes for a good bedtime story. If you’re interested check it out now on the Google Assistant Explorer.

Source: Google Assistant.