A couple of hot new phones go on sale soon: the Huawei P20 Pro, the Nokia Android One range, and the newly announced OnePlus 6. Unfortunately, as it stands, you can’t get any of these on a plan. But while you’re in the zone, it’s worth thinking about getting a new plan to go with your new phone – especially given how much data-inclusions have skyrocketed this year.

So if you’re planning on picking up a P20 Pro, a Nokia 7 Plus, a OnePlus 6, or any other outright phone, here’s a roundup of some of the best SIM-only deals around right now.

Plans with at least 20GB

So there’s plenty to unwrap here. Think Mobile’s recent plan refresh means you can get 20GB for $30 per month on the Vodafone network, which is a little nuts. If that’s not enough, $40 per month will get you 30GB on Optus and Vodafone. The Optus offer does however include a Optus Sport subscription and data-free streaming on select services, while Vodafone gets you $5 per day roaming. These promos run to May 20 and May 21, respectively.

And if you need ~even more~ data, Optus’ promo also has a $50 plan with 60GB and a $60 plan with 100GB. Yikes.

Plans with at least 10GB

Don’t need quite as much data? Jeenee Mobile is a top option thanks to its 10GB $22.50 per month plan. However for about $10 more per month, you can get 15GB on Virgin Mobile, which also includes data-rollover and data-free music through Spotify and Google Play Music.

Plans with at least 5GB

If you don’t need quite as much data, Jeenee Mobile is arguably the best value option here, with 8GB for $22 per month on a 12-month contract. If you can get by with a smaller allowance, going for Dodo’s $19.90 per month plan will get you 2GB less but save you $2.10 a month (and $10 in setup fees).

No contract SIM-only plans

If you don’t want to commit to a 12-month contract, you won’t quite as much data-for-dollar, but you can get still get a good deal. If you’re looking at minimum of 10GB, SpinTel – powered by Optus – is your cheapest option at $25.95. This plan also includes $300 of international credit.

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    Les Ran

    It should be noted that the comparison website WhistleOut receives sponsorships and commissions from its ‘commercial partners’.

    Jeni Skunk

    The Telstra Go Mobile Plus BYO plan I’m on for my Samsung tablet, just isn’t anywhere near being in the running for being a good mobile plan.

    Les Ran

    If you just want gigabytes of data, maybe Kogan is worth a look. But sometimes there’s more to it than just the amount of data. For example, Optus offers extra data SIMs as part of a family plan. So if you have tablet computers or other devices that connect to the mobile LTE network, you can put them all on the one data plan, wheras with Kogan you’d need separate plans. Also, Optus’ unmetered music services, like Spotify, iHeart Radio and YouTube Music, means you’ll use less metered data. But if all you have is one phone, maybe Kogan is… Read more »

    Allan Thomas

    Couldn’t agree more. I just renewed on the Kogan 12 months plan; 23GB per month for $315. That’s about 86¢ per day. I paid more than that last year and during the course of the year Kogan bumped the data inclusion up twice, including for existing subscribers. Who knows, they may increase it again. The Vodafone network covers me anywhere I want to go. I’ve read reports saying that their data speed is the fastest. I’m a happy camper.


    All of which are designed to confuse and obfuscate the underlying deal and make it easier for them to charge many times the rate in other countries.

    There is a reason they do such things, and it’s not to help you.

    Dennis Bareis

    Can we have a version for at least 2 GB, not everyone hammers their phone with youtube or torrents.

    Greg Eden

    Just go to Whistleout and find sim only plans and you get a list of every plan.

    Dennis Bareis

    Thanks, I will, but you could say that for everything on this page.

    Greg Eden

    True. But a heads up is always good. Ausdroid reported on the Catch of the day plans recently. They have a very cheap plan with unlimited calls and 2GB for $15 for thirty days. First month for $5 on special now. Optus network.

    Dennis Bareis

    I ignore short term specials and that price is not unusual, thanks anyway 🙂

    I’m actually with Jeenee where the profits go to charity + their prices are very good. The heads up is why I asked for the 2GB (low data) to be listed.

    Jeenee are good now and I will pay a bit extra for the charity bit but most companies keep you on higher cost plans even if the cost has caved.

    Alex Choros

    Great idea! I’ll do a round up of low usage phone plans next week 🙂

    Munted Koala

    How is 2GB enough for anyone? I don’t do social media but 4G is constantly on and I would smash through 10-12GB minimum easily a month.

    Dennis Bareis

    Then I’d look at what is using up the network (and probably your battery also). Try GlassWire. I have my wife and daughter on 1.5GB/month without issues. My wife and I do have wifi at work so probably save up to 1gb/month that way.

    I use Google+, watch newsfeeds, Google News, weather, pretty much the kitchen sink is installed on my phone.