Following their announcement back at CES 2018 Jabra has launched their entire wireless headphone line in Australia. The new line up has something for almost everybody with earbuds starting at $129.99 up to activity tracking neck buds topping out at $349.

You can get the Elite 25e for $129.99, the Elite 45e for $179, the Elite 65e for $349, the Elite 65t for $299.99 and the Elite Active 65t for $329 both online from Jabra and from various Australian retailers with JB HiFi carrying the entire range today.

I’ve used a few sets of Jabra’s earphones over the years and I have to say they are routinely excellent in both audio quality and reliability. I’ve bought them as gifts, recommenced them to friends and I’ve never had any negative feedback from anyone. Let’s jump in and take a quick look at the new range now on our shores.

Elite 25e

The Elite 25e are Jabra’s entry level wireless neck buds with a ‘pod’ style soft ear tip. Traditionally I’ve found this style of headphones to be both comfortable and gravity resistant. The 25e’s are packing up to 18 hours continuous playback, thanks to having battery space in the neck potion of the headphones, other features include Bluetooth 4.1, IP54 ingress protection, in-line controls and swapable ‘ear gels’ to get the right fit.

With a RRP of $129.99 the Elite 25e are a great entry point for someone looking for good quality wireless headphones. You can check them out on Jabra’s Australian Website.

Elite 45e

The Elite 45e are a more fitness focused wireless earphone with multiple soft ear gels along with multi-fit ear ‘wings’ that help keep your headphones in your ears while moving. If, like me, you’ve got funny shaped ears or you’re more active, then the combination of soft gels and an ear wing should make a difference to how well a set of headphones stay in your ear. The 45e boasts 8 hours of continuous playback, Bluetooth 4.1 and a one touch button to summon Google Assistant, or Alexa if that’s more your style.

Retailing for $179 you can find the Elite 45e on Jabra’s Australian Website and the other locations listed there.

Elite 65e

The Elite 65e is the perfect combination of the longer battery life of the 25e and the active fit of the 45e with active noise cancellation (ANC) as an added bonus. With the inclusion of Active Noise Cancellation the 65e proves an enhanced audio experience with less background distractions. The Elite 45e feature all of the feature of the previous models with the addition of ANC.

You can get the Elite 65e for $349 AUD with links on Jabra’s Australian website.

Elite 65t

For those interested in a truly wireless audio experience then you have to consider the Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds. I’ve used several sets of truly wireless earbuds and for me these are the perfect form factor for almost all of my listening — long flights and complete sound isolation may be the exceptions. The Elite 65t feature 5 hours of playback per charge with 10 more hours play back in the carrying case for a total of 15 hours playback between charges.

Jabra has kicked the specs up to Bluetooth 5.0, an IP55 rating and has included 4 microphones for clear call quality and wind noise compensation. You can grab the Elite 65t for $299 from Jabra’s Australian Website and other retailers listed on Jabra’s website.

Elite Active 65t

If you’re looking for the truly wireless experience with some more fitness focused features included the Jabra Elite Active 65t maybe for you. The Active option includes an IP 56 rating (up from IP55 in the standard 65t) along with an integrated accelerometer for fitness tracking features.  The Active also features a special rubberised coating to improve the grip of the earbuds so they don’t fall out while you’re playing hard.

As with all of the others you’ll find links to buy the Jabra Active 65t from $329 on Jabra’s Australian website.

If you’re in the market for some wireless, or truly wireless earbuds then the Jabra line is well worthy of consideration. As with all purchases we recommend you shop around as they are also stocked at your usual bricks and mortar stores such as JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.