When Nokia announced the X6 the other day, fans the world around bemoaned the expectation that it would remain a Chinese exclusive phone. Now, that seems set to change, according to a tweet from HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer.

After learning of the high traffic from users liking the looks of the X6 with its modern design, Juho Sarvikas, CPO of HMD Global, took to Twitter to ask if they should bring the Nokia X6 to other markets as well. The result was an emphatic “Yes”, with Juho as much as confirming that it is just a matter of time before the X6 spreads it’s wings and makes its way to other markets.

Although there have been rumours of other Nokia devices such as an X5 and an X7 coming to other markets, this seems a promising development. We have only just seen Nokia’s first offerings hit our shores in Australia so I wouldn’t be holding my breath for the new ones to arrive any time soon.

Would you want a Nokia such as the X6?

Source: Nokia Power User.
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Peter L

I bought a Nokia 7 plus from eGlobal, $AU500, ordered Thursday, delivered Monday. Beats the crap out of $650 from JB Hifi. Great phone, excellent build. Downloaded May security update last night and running on 8.1 Oreo, pure Android One experience. Happy days.

Geoff Fieldew

I’ve always a good experience at eGlobal too. Fortunately I’ve never had to test their warranty.

Melvin Lee

Just wondering which option do you guys select for shipping with eGlobal, insured or normal? Just conscious that packages could get mishandled by couriers in transit.


I brought a Nokia 8 from JB on launch and have been very satisfied. I did break the USB port and had to send the phone to Sydney to be fixed. Turn around time was about a week. I will say the metal on the back scratches easily and I would have much preferred the shiny plastic blue back if I’d had the choice. But I much prefer the price over a Pixel.


It looks alright , just wondering if Any of you guys have had hands on time with any of these recent nokia phones .
Just wondering how is the build quality .


Just got a 7+ the other day to replace a Pixel XL. Great phone with great features and excellent build quality! Also only $500 AUD! Couldn’t be happier!


Nice, where did you purchase from?


Bought Nokia 8 in March during sale at Office works for $ 509, to replace Nexus 5. Happy with dual wifi & quick Oreo update OTG! Awesome 3 microphones for video recording. Superb quality. Still waiting for Samsung update on Galaxy Tab S8.4 (Android Lollipop) since 2015!