Deadpool 2 slid into cinemas across Australia, and around the world this week and for those in the know the merc with the mouth is entrenched firmly in the X-Men universe. To co-incide with the cinema launch, Google Play has discounted a range of X-Men movies.

The sale offers deals on both the new and old X-Men trilogies, as well as the Wolverine films and of course the original Deadpool, with the option to pre-order Deadpool 2 ($19.99 in SD/$24.99 in HD – no UHD). The bundles obviously get you the best deals, though the Rogue Cut of Days of Future Past has to be purchased separately.

There’s some good deals here, and if you’re a Marvel fan then these will pad out your collection nicely. Head over to Google Play and see what they’ve got.

Source: Google Play - X-Men Movie Sale.