Lyf Mobile, not to be confused with the Indian smartphone manufacturer of the same name, is an MVNO that’s launching in Australia today as a millennial focused Mobile Virtual Network Operator running on the Telstra network.

The new Telco is the brainchild of Todd Scott, a young entrepreneur from Melbourne, who felt the need to create a more millennial focused MVNO after a conversation with his mates showed that none of them were happy with the current offerings. The discussion led to two years of planning and research leading to the launch today of Lyf Mobile.

We developed this MVNO so young Aussies who are time poor and or on a budget can easily stay connected and not break their banks. It’s a company run by millennials, for millennials where we listen to our customers’ needs and thoughts on a range of community issues. LYF Mobile is stepping away from standard telco offerings to be a little bit different and offer a little bit more than just a great phone connection and we are thrilled to launch this across the nation.

Lyf Mobile runs solely online, with no bricks and mortar presence, though Lyf Mobile does offer customers access to a 24/7 Australian support line based in Melbourne to ensure customers are connected and happy with their service at all times.

The telco offers five month-to-month plans across their range, built on the Telstra 4G network and offering starter bundles from as low as $20 per month including unlimited calls and text to standard Australia numbers – though this ‘Nano’ plan as they call it includes just a minuscule 200MB of data per month. More likely, most people will start on the $25 plan which includes 1.5GB of data per month.

Lyf Mobile promises there’s exciting plans afoot over the coming months, with ‘exciting partnerships with local and national organisations which look to encourage young Aussies to talk about issues affecting their own lives and always stay connected to their family and friends’.

If you feel a Millennial focused MVNO can take care of your needs, head over to to check out what they have to offer.

Source: Lyf Mobile.
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    Patrick k

    Not a great day to launch on the Telstra network!

    Peter L

    I know Millennials can be a bit brain dead at times, but surely even they will not fall for this marketing schtick. Better deals to be had elsewhere. Fail LYF.


    That does seem pretty shitty…I’ve actually been looking around for a better data deal than I currently get with my amaysim service, and that seems worse. I actually have been wondering about what TPG has been offering lately…just don’t know what their service is like.


    Millennial’s have so much money they just throw it around?


    Mmmm sucky plans….

    A quick look and the Millennials plans for Millennials, sounds like hand on dick + magazine = dinner and date.

    Moose Mobile $78 PCM 90 Gig… gets me by. A little pricey – but that is 24/7 mobile, and it supplies all my needs in a rural location… Video, news, schooling, phone calls, almost always on etc.


    Based on the fact that the article states it took them “2 years” to develop the company, it looks like they set the plans 2 years ago… because these prices reflect the pricing of plans from 2 years ago!
    now a days you can get 1 year / 6 month plans that includes 10gb+ data per month for CHEAPER than their cheapest plan lol


    Those plans are a joke.


    I’m not a millennial but these plans are awful, $40 pm for 4 Gb? If it was truly millennial focused it would have lots of data, Optus does $40 pm with 30 Gb of data, no idea why you would want to go with this.


    I’m a millennial and my eyes are rolling into the back of my head.

    “It’s a company run by millennials, for millennials”

    What the hell does that even mean? Just offer good or better data and maybe talk/text. That’s it. All this ‘lyfstyle’ gibberish is corporate buzzwords.


    “millennial focused” – sounds awful

    And $25pm, for 1.5GB of data, and unlimited SMS/$1000 of calls sounds worse than $15 for 1.5GB of data and unlimited SMS/calls on Aldi – both on the Telstra network.

    I get the feeling “millennial focused” translates into “there’s a mug born every minute”.