It’s been a long time coming, but the much rumoured new music and YouTube services from Google will be launching tomorrow. The services look fairly comprehensive, but if you want to save your money you should sign up for YouTube Red today.

As announced last week, there are two services being launched tomorrow: YouTube Music which will have a free, ad-supported tier, and the Premium services – YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium these two services will now replace YouTube Red and all it includes. YouTube Music Premium will cost AU$11.99 per month, while YouTube Premium will cost AU$14.99 per month. YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube Music Premium, as well as access to the YouTube Original series which have been growing in popularity. Both services including access to Google Play Music – which is not going away, or being shut down.

Want it more clearly? Here’s the breakdown:

Now, for the good news. Existing users on YouTube Red will be grandfathered in at their existing monthly cost, while new signups to the new YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium services which launch tomorrow morning here in Australia will pay a bit more.

I keep saying YouTube Red but it’s the same underlying service as signing up for Google Play Music. Both services cost AU$11.99 per month, which includes unlimited Google Play Music access, ad-free YouTube videos, YouTube Music and of course access to YouTube’s original series which includes the awesome Cobra Kai series, as well as new upcoming series such as dance drama, Step Up: High Water, and upcoming series like the sci-fi thriller, Impulse.

The YouTube Red/Google Play Music service also includes an option to include your family with a $17.99 per month option that will let you include up to 6 people (you and 5 other people) for the one low monthly price. Here’s the costing and inclusions for both services

So basically, if you’re at all interested in using YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium when they launch tomorrow and want to save a couple of dollars, then sign up to YouTube Red or Google Play Music tonight. The YouTube Red service can be signed up to here, while if you want to split hairs, you can sign up for Google Play Music here – both services include a 1-month free trial if you haven’t used a trial recently.

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    The native Samsung browser already lets you play any video including YouTube in the background and I have an Android app (not from the Play store) that can download YouTube videos.

    So I’m not about to pay for it. Plus it actually costs more than Netflix or Spotify.

    Clyde Jones

    With Optus offering data free streaming with Google Play Music, it’ll be interesting to see if they include YouTube music in the coming months when Google Play Music is killed off.


    Might also be worth noting if there is any mobile providers offering free streaming with either content? So many mobile plans these days its hard to keep track on who offers what?

    Butter Butter

    My brother signed his partner, myself and my partner up Google Play music family subscription. Works out to be like $53 a year each. If we get 2 more people it’s even cheaper! And ad free YouTube for every body.

    Chris Hastings

    I wonder what they’ll replace it with next year…


    They’ll probably split YouTube music into three new services, and then quietly shut down two of them, and combine the remaining service with Google’s half dozen messaging apps. Calling it now.

    Jeni Skunk

    “Existing users on YouTube Red will be grandfathered in at their existing monthly cost”
    Grandfathered to what?
    What happens to Google Play Music Unlimited users?

    David Watt

    Google Play Music subscribers get access to everything. Both YouTube Red and YouTube Music.

    Angus Gibbins

    I think she meant in terms of pricing. From what I’ve read Play Music subscribers will be grandfathered in to the new pricing.