Late last year Mobvoi released the affordable TicWatch S and the TicWatch E. It was well received by the tech world, especially here at Ausdroid where we loved our review unit. Now Mobvoi have announced their next smartwatch with some innovative changes.

The TicWatch Pro takes up where the TicWatch S left off and builds upon the feature list. The new Pro will include a heart rate sensor, NFC this time and an OLED display.

The innovative change Mobvoi have included is a second display. The low-powered FTSN LCD display sits on top of the OLED display and is used to display heart rate, step count, calories and the time. Wear OS notifications etc are left for the battery-sapping OLED display which is of course turned off when not in use.

Mobvoi are calling a new mode that only uses the low-power display “Essential Mode”. The Wear OS display will have to be booted up separately and will take a minute to complete the boot process. Essential Mode allows for up to 30 days of use but it is a very minimal mode and most often used when battery is running low or there will be an extended period of time before charging will be possible.

The TicWatch Pro will come with a decent uptick in pricing from previous models coming in at around US$300 with an LTE version expected at some stage.

We look forward to checking it out when it does arrive sometime this year. It will be interesting to see how it fares up against the new watches featuring Qualcomm’s new wearable chipset coming later this year.

Source: Mobvoi.
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Been very happy with my Ticwatch S but the NFC in this one may make me open my wallet again

Jarryd Howard

I still like my ticwatch 2 it’s everything I want from a smartwatch and I love how u flick through it with the bottom layer of the watch

Philip Clark

First AW device since my Huawei Watch 1st gen that ticks all the boxes for me – classy design, round face, nfc (and therefor pay support), HRM, no redundant sim slot. Very interested in this when it comes out.


Man my Moto 360 2nd gen is about to die. Fingers crossed the new breed of Wear OS watches before it does.