The new YouTube Music service has only just been launched, and it clearly represents Google’s push to make a service that will genuinely challenge the incumbency of Spotify and newcomer Apple Music. While not everyone can use it yet, the writing is quite literally on the wall for Google Play Music which will – ultimately, one day – become part of YouTube Music and cease to exist as a separate entity.

When this happens, what will happen to the life you’ve built for yourself in Google Play Music? What about your uploaded music (and the ability to upload more), playlists and more? Well, Google has confirmed these will become part of YouTube Music, too:

The ability to upload music is a key feature to me; I love downloading old-fashioned mix-sets from the Internet and throwing them up in Google Play Music so i can listen to them everywhere. Hearing that YouTube Music will inherit this only makes me happier, and less worried about the eventual demise of Google Play Music.

When will all this happen? For now, Google’s plan is to make the move from Google Play Music to YouTube Music complete sometime in 2019. By then, you can rest assured, the main features we know and love in GPM will be there waiting!


Source: Verge.
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Phill Edwards

I think Google are crazy doing this. It gives people a perfect opportunity to see what else is out there and whether they should switch.

Mark McLeod

Come on guys. Well all now this is only 1 of 16 music apps Google will have on the market soon. They are going to integrate it into Allo though so no one can use it either 😉

Yes I still would like a messaging platform that isn’t from the 60’s


So I heard YouTube Music is going to mess up our YouTube video experience by chucking all the playlists, artists we follow, etc into the main YouTube site/app.

Mike Stevens

Of course, Google will completely change its strategy between now and ‘sometime in 2019’…