Nokia has seen a massive resurgence since hitting the market again last year, and while we’ve only just seen their 2018 range hit retailers here in Australia it seems there’s more to come with Nokia announcing something new coming this week.

The tease comes via the NokiaMobile Twitter account which points to an event in Moscow at 7:40PM on May 29th — that’s 2:40am AEST on Wednesday, May 30 back here in Australia.

The tweet uses the hashtag #ChargedUp, though no hints about what that means can be seen in the tweet, nor in a follow-up tweet from HMD Global Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas who pointed to the original tweet:

The event could be the western launch of the Nokia X6 which was announced in China before Mr Sarvikas teased a broader global launch of the phone, or it could be the announcement of new versions of the Nokia 2, 3, and Nokia 5 which haven’t yet received a 2018 refresh.

It seems that Nokia – or HMD Global rather, is launching a lot of phones and that’s thanks to a round of funding in which HMD Global managed to secure USD$100 million in funding from multiple investors led by Geneva based, Ginko Ventures via Alpha Ginko Ltd. so we can likely expect to see a lot more from them this year.

We’ll find out a lot more on Wednesday morning about what’s being launched so stay tuned.

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    Dan Murphy

    So what was the announcement? There’s nothing online about it. I’ve checked Nokia’s site, Android Central and the only thing I can see is the head of Nokia has stood down. There’s not even anything on the live streaming link with YouTube.

    Dan Murphy

    Ooooh. I saw the article but because budget handsets don’t suit my lifestyle I didn’t read it so wasn’t aware of the connection.

    Svetomir Sekulic

    Nokia, please put Samsung AMOLED screen on your flagship phones and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

    Once you get used to *Samsung* AMOLED screen, it’s very hard to go to *any other* screen, including LG POLED screen like on Google Pixel 2.

    Damien Robinson

    I got the Nokia 8 Sirocco after my Pixel 2 XL was stolen and it’s definitely a “flagship” phone. It’s just beautiful. 23 years ago, my first mobile was a Nokia. I had Nokia’s right through to the N95. I’m so glad I can go back to Nokia (which wouldn’t have happened without their switch to Android One). I have to say though, I do miss my Pixel 2 XL…..


    I’m sure everyone wants the Nokia 9 to be released …We need a true flagship phone from Nokia. I’m getting sick and tired of waiting for this device to arrive.