According to the latest ABS Internet Activity Survey, Australians are only using 2.2GB of mobile data per month on average. Before you start crying “fake news”, Boost Mobile co-founder Peter Adderton told us that his company’s subscribers are only using 4GB per month on average, and that’s an audience that skews young.

Sure, plenty of us use way more data, but instead of looking at flashy high inclusion plans packed of data you’ll never use, it might be worth considering a more humble plan. As such, we’re taking a look at some of the cheapest SIM-only and prepaid phone plans around.

At least 6GB

We’re starting with 6GB because that’s the average search on WhistleOut these days. If 6GB is all you need, Dodo is your cheapest option at $19.90 per month on a 12-month contract. Jeenee gives you 2GB more per month for about $2 more per month, but you’ll also have to pay a $10 upfront cost. If you’d prefer a no-contract plan, you’ll pay a slight premium: $23.95 per month for 6GB on Spintel.

At least 2GB

6GB still too much?

We quite like the offer being run by Moose at the moment: 2GB for $14 per month with unlimited talk and text, and unlimited international SMS. Better yet, it’s no contract, and you’ll only pay $5 for your first month.

Jeenee Mobile has a plan that’s $.60 cheaper with a little more data, but you’ll need so sign a 12-month contract. The good news is, if you find that 2.5GB isn’t enough, you’re able to upgrade your plan without attracting any early termination fees.

You’ll see a Boost Mobile promo in this list, but unfortunately, it’s only $15 for 15GB for your first recharge. That plan is normally billed at $40 per 15GB. If you want a smaller Boost Mobile plan, you can get 2.5GB for $20 per month. All Boost Mobile recharges have data-free access to Apple Music.

At least 1GB

If you don’t use much data at all and just want a cheap phone plan for talk and text, you’ve come to the right place. Entry level plans tend to start around $10 per month, and many now have unlimited talk and text.  

Jeenee Mobile is technically the cheapest – $8.91 per month will get you 1.2GB of data and unlimited talk and text – but you’ll need to commit to a 12-month contract and pay $10 in setup fees.

If you’d prefer a no-contract plan, Spintel will do 1.5GB for $9.95 per month with unlimited talk and 200 minutes of talk. It is however worth noting that you’ll only get 1.5GB for the six months of your service, after which you’ll be down to 1GB.

If you’d prefer a plan on the Telstra network, Belong will do 1GB for $10 per month with unlimited talk and text and no contract.

The CHEAPEST phone plan in Australia

We promised the cheapest phone plans in the headline, so it would be remiss to not include the cheapest phone plan in Australia.

$1 per month gets you a massive 50MB on TPG, with pay-as-you-go talk and text. The cost of a standard two-minute call (including flagfall) is about $0.30 and the cost of a standard text is around $0.10.

You’ll have to pay $20 upfront for this plan, but this counts as credit for your talk and text. Excess data is billed at $0.10 per MB.

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    I’ve almost used all 100GB of my monthly limit, that is not counting all the Netflix and Stan free data either.

    Les Ran

    Ausdroid, you need to practice responsible journalism and start disclosing any financial interests here.

    Are telcos required to pay a fee to be listed? Do any journalists or writers get income from paid placements? Is there a financial deal between Ausdroid and Whistleout?


    WhistleOut does a good keeping rack of this stuff…kudos! 🙂
    I was looking at that Belong 1GB $10 plan (Since it uses the Telstra network and has data bank) but I couldn’t see if it included unlimited 13/1800 numbers? Well, I’m getting old lol.
    Also, does anyone know if someone gifts you data does any unused of that go in the data bank?
    One other thing, I wish WhistleOut would offer info on just home phone plans (No internet) was trying to find the best deal for a pensioner.


    Found it…Unlimited national calls & text
    All our plans include unlimited national calls & text to standard landline, mobile, 13 and 1800 numbers in Australia.
    If I’ve received a data gift, will that data be banked?
    Yes, any data you receive will be added to your data bank, available for use, as long as you continue to pay for your mobile service on time.