Coming into line with a number of mainstream desktop-installed email clients, Google Calendar now has the ability to add a reason to your calendar appointments when you change them.

The ability to notify your targeted attendees of the reason for the change of appointment is often overlooked and (particularly in a business environment) a necessary step if you’re going to do so. The addition of this functionality means that when you do so, and have other people on the appointment, a popup will appear offering you just this chance.

In an evolving online world, the desktop environment is sometimes overlooked – so it’s great to see this continued work and improvement from Google.

What one feature or change would you want in Google Calendar to make it more functional to your needs?

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Stuart Wallace

I have the pixel 2 it’s over rated for the money I paid, I would have been just as happy with the mid price Motorola’s. I hope they fix the screen rotate feature it is annoying when watching videos. The battery isn’t very good actually Motorola was a great phone for the money, I also like the look of the s9, it feels great too I don’t think Google pixel can match then. I won’t buy another one.

Piers Porter

This is welcome and all, but I wish Google would improve support for importing ICS files. It’s so fiddly right now and it’s something I need to do regularly.


Still no weekly scroll option in month mode.
This is so frustrating when trying to organise something that traverses the end and beginning of month