The Samsung Galaxy S9 hype has come and gone and so we move onto the hype for the next Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9. Usually announced in late August each year it is set to be announced earlier this year according to Bloomberg.

Last year’s Galaxy Note 8 was a welcome return to Note form from Samsung and even with a woeful and unforgivable positioning of the fingerprint sensor it was a great phone. This year Samsung are looking to build on what they learnt last year and bring a phone to the market that will be the dominant force that Note devices were a couple of years back.

Bloomberg is today reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled at an “Unpacked” event in New York on August 9. While the device was first thought to be arriving late July some late changes to the glass coating have pushed it back a week — apparently Samsung’s Vice Chairman Lee Jan-Yong thought that the grip was not up to par with their competitors in the marketplace and ordered 0.5mm to be shaved off the glass display’s thickness.

Little is known about the Galaxy Note 9 at this stage but Bloomberg is saying that it will come with an “upgraded Snapdragon processor” and an upgraded camera. We are assuming that the rumour relates to upgrades from last year’s model rather than this year’s Galaxy S9 and S9+. It is hard to see Samsung doing anything too innovative as they sit at their lofty position atop the smartphone world so we doubt they will be adding a third camera to the rear camera setup, something the Huawei have had some startling results with.

The display on the Note 9 is expected to be a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED 18.5:9 ratio Infinity Display with a 1440 x 2960 resolution. Did I mention that there is no notch to be seen anywhere in sight? The bezels though are apparently even smaller than last year’s model according to screen protectors leaked a few days ago.

One thing is for sure is that once Samsung announce it you will see it EVERYWHERE! The company is great at advertising their flagships and we do not expect this year nor this device to be any different.

Of course we will do our best to keep track of all the rumours and leaks until it does arrive and then be all over it’s local availability. I’m looking forward to checking it out, how about you?

Source: Bloomberg.
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Rather than an upgraded camera, what the Samsung Note 9 really needs is longer battery life, but we know why they won’t go there just yet.


Get ready to take out a bank loan. Kids can put up with holes in their shorts another 12 months.


I think the S9/9+ are fine devices and the Note 9 will be a fine device, but I can’t help being most intrigued/excited for the Pixel 3 this year. I feel like I kind of know what the Note 9 will be – an upgraded S9+. But the Pixel 3 seems to be the most exciting and not on the hardware side. I’m most excited to see what Google’s Android P and the Pixel software experience will have this year.


Double post.