If you’re in the market for a new energy provider, then mobile provider amaysim is apparently in that game as well and they’re offering a deal that could help you save a dollar or two.

The deal is simple, switch your energy plans to one of amaysim’s eligible electricity, gas or solar plans during the promotional periods and you’ll receive 2x 15GB mobile plans with unlimited talk and text for 12 months.

amaysim are offering the service as a way to combat their research which shows that more than half of households believe they’re spending too much due to having their various services – mobile, energy, broadband etc. – with different providers. Julian Ogrin, CEO of amaysim, said:

Our research shows that the time of having different providers for your utilities is coming to an end. Australian consumers are ready for the one provider that does it all. The free mobile offer demonstrates just one of the benefits of consolidating your household services into the one provider. amaysim reduces unnecessary stress and hassle from Australian households by creating simple home services under the one roof. Time equals money and if there’s a better deal, customers should take it!

The 15GB mobile plans are worth $40/per 28 days and offer a number of inclusions including the 15GB of data, unlimited talk & text to standard numbers in Australia, unlimited international to standard calls to 10 countries and 300 mins international standard calls to a further 22 countries. The amaysim Mobile Virtual Network operates on the Optus 4G Plus network, so it’s worthwhile checking their coverage map before contemplating switching.

In response to why they decided to offer the 15GB plan when switching Mr Ogrin said

97% of Aussies use up to 15GB of data a month, so we are confident our plan will cover all their mobile needs. Switching to one of our energy plans and receiving two free mobile plans for a year is a fantastic opportunity for couples and families to reduce their household bills.

While we’re fairly au fait with mobile plans, we’re in no way experts on energy providers here at Ausdroid, so we recommend doing a lot of research before switching over. You can check out all the amaysim energy plans over on the amaysim website.

If you’re interested the promotional period runs for 1o days from today 11:59pm on Wednesday 14th of June.

Source: amaysim.
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    Mobs that offer a high percentage off push up the kWh to make up for it, so its very important to look at the final kWh after all deductions.
    It’s always nice to see offers that are out there, and if you take into account that it also includes 2x15GB $40 plans per month that definitely helps the offer. But I would churn out after the 12 months as otherwise there power plans (For my area anyway AUSNET) isn’t that great.
    I am also someone that does allot of research “continually” looking for the best power plans for me.

    Patrick k

    Don’t bother, the energy rates are astronomically high. it’s still more expensive after the 40% discount.

    Greg McPherson

    Why “for 12 months”?
    I will never sign up for short term deals.
    Make it a permanent part of the package, and I will look at it.