After launching for Early Access members in the US last month, it appears that YouTube Music is coming to Australia today – at least for those who signed up for early access.

According to my inbox, and a flurry of tips from Ausdroid readers, YouTube has begun sending out an email welcoming Australians who signed up for Early Access to the new YouTube Music service. The email invites users in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico to try out the service in Android or iOS – or on the desktop.

The new YouTube Music service is pretty much what you had with YouTube Red including ad-free access, though at a new price. YouTube Music will cost AU$11.99 per month and include ad-free access to Music including official albums, singles, remixes, live performances, covers and hard-to-find music. It will also include the option to listen to music in the background and download tracks. the ability to play music in the background, and the option to download music.

In order to get a more considered opinion from a music aficionado, we’ve re-engaged former Ausdroid writer Mr Allan O’Rourke, who wrangled very early access to YouTube Music, to write up his thoughts on the service which will be going up later today.

Have you tried out YouTube Music? What are your thoughts?

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    Adam Bagnall

    It’s very confusing. I already have Google Play All Access, so why would I need this new service, especially as I was already enjoying YouTube Red? I don’t really see the benefits of the new service


    its early access people should hold back review until google advise it ready for mainstream.

    merging system on the fly like this isn’t going to be easy