After announcing their availability as ‘coming in July’ at Google I/O last month, it appears that there’s been a slight delay with US based retailer, BH Photo Video, announcing pre-orders for both the 8″ and 10.1″ versions of the Lenovo Smart Display.

The Lenovo Smart Displays are both available for pre-order – in White and Bamboo colour only, with shipping apparently set to start on September 3rd, and yes you can have them shipped to Australia though a converter will likely be required. The 8″ display is priced at USD$149.99 while the 10.1″ display will set you back USD$229.99.

The smart displays are available in two sizes with the 8″ display clocking a resolution of 1280×800, while the larger 10.1″ display has a 1920×1200 resolution. Powered by a 1.8GHz Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM and coming with 4GB of on-board storage, the Smart Displays will include a 5MP front-facing camera (with a manual cover switch for privacy), dual microphones and a 10W speaker for video conferencing

Built on the newly announced Android Things platform, Smart Displays offer a visual reference for Google Assistant replies and apps. The displays can show a number of things including the weather, news and more as we saw at Mobile World Congress when we took them for a spin.

Unfortunately Lenovo Australia hasn’t yet given us any information on when, or if the displays are on their way to Australia. If you want to see more, or pre-order, you can head over to BH Photo Video now and find the 8″ model here, or the 10.1″ model here.

Source: BH Photo Video.
Via: Droid-Life.
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    Daniel Orchard (danielsoar)

    Did Lenovo ever get back to you on Aus Release Dates?

    Chris Rowland

    Sadly no. No sign of them in or coming to Australia for the time being.


    I look forward to hearing how functional they are in Australia.