It’s a good day to have a Pixel or Pixel 2 handset because the Android P Developer Preview 3 (DP3), or Android P Beta 2 is now out with final APIs and new features.

The release of Android P DP3 confirms that it’s Android 9, at least according to the System Information in Settings, with the OTA rolling out to those enrolled in the Beta program, it’s also bringing the final APIs (API level 28) for Android P which means developers can lock in their app support.

According to the announcement blog for Android P DP3 by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering there are a number of new features they’ve previously announced that have been switched on for this Developer Preview, including screen notches which will suit some phones like the Essential PH-1, OnePlus 6 both of which have a notch.

Also announced is the Adaptive Battery feature is now live which uses machine learning on the device to better support Doze, offering improved battery life for phones by prioritising system resources.

Also to be found in the Android P DP3 release are App Actions and Slices. App Actions are contextually relevant suggestions using apps such as if you say pair your Bluetooth headphones it will offer up a link to start your Spotify Play list, or offer you the YouTube Trailer for The Lego Movie 2 if you start searching for it. Slices on the other hand are deep links to functions within apps on your phone that will offer up the option to say order an Uber or

Google has also added in their own Biometric Security prompt for apps, so apps can have a uniform look for requesting your fingerprint, or your face to unlock a phone. The multi-camera API is also now live, allowing for developers to build in more camera functions such as ‘seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision’ into their apps.

Also going live in this preview are 157 new Emoji from the Emoji 11 spec which include the Red Haired versions of people, Kangaroo’s, Test Tube, Bagels, Cupcakes (a few versions of Android too late).

For those with a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL you can enroll your device in the Android P Beta program here, or if you’re already enrolled, the OTA should be heading your way shortly. If you’re not into that, you can download the Android P Factory Images here or flash the OTA Images which you can find here.

Source: Android Developer Blog.
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    Do not download this preview 3 it is chockers full of bugs…pic in pic stuffs up the homescreen size changes the multi task gestures is hit and miss widgets disappear contacts don’t show up when they call, recent apps have different sizes and the bloody thing freezes. THEN when you opt out of the beta program Google won’t send out the 8.1 ota so you can get your phone back, I opted out yesterday arvo..Absolute shit! Again do not download this preview 3!

    Clyde Jones

    Unfortunately App Actions doesn’t seem to work on the original Pixel XL


    For those of you taking part in the Beta program, do you find problems using your phone with some of the earlier Beta builds for a new OS version?


    I’ve been using Android P Developer Preview 2 (DP2) as my daily driver. DP3 is a welcome update and I’ve already noticed it has fixed my multitasking view issues such as intermittently some windows could not be swiped away first time everytime. DP3 feels pretty much ready for prime time. I just wish there were even more changes/features.


    Thanks maybe throw in on my Pixel 2 XL tonight!


    PS I’m running DP3 on my Pixel 2 XL. Really happy with the phone and the OS.


    Would you consider running this on your daily driver now?


    Yes definitely. All my apps are working fine. Haven’t encountered any issues so far. Smooth sailing.

    Daniel Orchard (danielsoar)

    I cant use my banking app (NAB) which is the only deal breaker for me as a daily driver. They stated on play they wont be updating the app until its out of beta. I used it and liked it with DP2 for 2 weeks but rolled back as I like to know when my credit card is charged which stopped working. Sure, NAB’s issue but still annoying.


    The NAB app is working for me since updating this morning

    Daniel Orchard

    Thanks for letting me know ill jump back into dp3 then!