The Samsung Galaxy brand has been a hit for the Korean company over the last few years, and it looks as though they’re going to be bringing all their devices under the Galaxy umbrella with their VR headset the next to change.

The rumour, which comes from SamMobile ‘sources’ says that the company plans to rebrand the headset from the Gear VR to Galaxy VR, though exactly when that will occur is still up in the air.

The move is actually not unexpected, with Samsung recently rumoured to be working on a ‘Galaxy Watch’ running Google’s Wear OS, though the hardware was previously in development as the ‘Gear S4’ running Samsung’s Tizen OS. Samsung has apparently also been trademarking names such as Galaxy Fit, a rebrand of their ‘Fit’ line of fitness trackers, including an entry at Australia’s trademarking body – IP Australia.

SamMobile is postulating that the rebrand of the Gear VR could be part of the launch of the Galaxy S10 next year which is rumoured to utilise an incredibly high resolution display, a nice tie-in for a headset you insert a phone into. It’s also possible that the rebrand could be launched as soon as this year with the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 expected to be announced in August.

The Gear brand has always been linked with the Tizen side of Samsung’s software development, which hasn’t garnered much support from developers, even though the Gear watches are very nice to use. We may see something more on this in the next few weeks.

Source: SamMobile.