If this mornings leaked pictures of the Pixel 3 XL weren’t enough for you, it looks like you can get an even better look at the Pixel 3 XL thanks again to XDA-Developers.

The XDA editorial team reached out to the original poster (OP) of the pictures from this morning to see if they could get more, and some information as well. The OP responded with more pictures and confirmation that the phone does indeed have a glass rear as speculated from this mornings shots.

For reference, here are the two shots from this morning with the screen showing the phone has a Snapdragon 845, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

The shot of the front of the phone in this latest release is a little blurry so the notch in the screen isn’t as visible, however you can now see the front-facing speaker at the bottom of the screen. Also showing up is that the rear camera sticks out just a little from the rear but Pixel 2 XL owners are used to that.

The only other new information we’ve seen is that the SIM tray is now located on the bottom of the phone next to the USB-C port (it was on the left on the Pixel 2/2 XL).

That’s it for now, but we’re hopefully going to see more of this soon.

Via: XDA-Developers.
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Mike Stevens

I wonder what it’ll be able to do that my 2XL can’t do. Face unlock, presumably, but I couldn’t care less about that. The notch doesn’t bother me at all – I don’t consider that a reason to skip the 3 – but hell if I can guess at what good reason I’d have to get one.