It’s been a long time coming, but Australian owners of the LG G6 in Australia are reporting that they’ve been prompted to update their handsets to Oreo.

The reports are coming in from at least two users, one on Optus and one on Telstra saying their handsets have been prompted to update. The update – which is almost 1.8GB in size is being offered to the LG-H870K model of the G6 and contains an update to Android 8.0.0 with the May 1st Security patch.

There’s some usability improvements included in the update including a change to the app layout, and improvements to the aggressiveness of the blue light filter for night mode.

While the Telstra software site doesn’t list any updates going out, this does appear to be fairly widely available, however as with most rollouts you may have to wait a couple of days before being offered the update.

If you’re an LG G6 owner it’s good news, now we’re hoping it shouldn’t be too long before the LG V30+ starts getting its Oreo update.

Source: reddit.
Thanks: Cameron.
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    Charlie J

    I know this is an old thread but happy to report that Oreo finally hit my H870DS model today (from Harvey Norman). Version is V20f-JUL-20-2018. Will report back if I have any issues after installing.

    Dan Murphy

    I’ve been in touch with LG after having nothing come through on the handset I bought from JB HiFi. At this stage there is no ETA for Oreo on Open Market handsets.

    John G

    I also have a H870DS (from JB Hifi) and I got a notification for an OS update today (which I’m guessing is Oreo based on the size).


    Got mine 4 days ago . . about time! (H-870K, Telstra)


    I have the Australian V30+ and have been waiting for Oreo. LG’s response to me regarding timing did not gave me much confidence that there will even be an update for the AUS model. Basically they say that they are at the mercy of Google.


    Nothing to do with Google. LG just don’t like taking responsibility. First they tried to blame my carrier. Then they tried to blame the vendor, ‘cos the phone is not carrier-locked. Then they tried to say the update was available. Then they tried to blame Google. Their support people have no idea what LG is actually doing, so they just tell stories until you stop asking questions. Good luck. It’ll turn up eventually


    Speak of the devil. I just got a notification for an OS update. Could it be the long awaited Oreo with the latest security update too? I will find out after work.


    Got the update 2 days ago on my LG-H870k


    I think no love for LG-H870DS Users

    Greg Eden

    Mine went through last night. 1.8GB and it took all night to download. Android 8.0.0 and security patch level May 2018

    Mine is a H870DSU, but I have friends with DS getting it now,

    E R

    No love for the lg-h870ds G6. 🙁
    Nothing via OTA or LG bridge 🙁

    E R

    YAY. OTA came today!