It was only last month we saw the LG LM-W315 watch running Wear OS clear the US Federal Communications Commission, but it looks like another LG Wear OS watch has cleared the FCC with the model #LM-W319.

First spotted by Droid-Life, the watch hasn’t been tested for any cellular bands, just WiFi and Bluetooth. The e-label portion of the FCC application shows the use of Wear OS:

The Wear OS version on both the LG LM-W315 and LM-W319 is based on Android O, based on the entries in LG’s OpenSource Code Distribution center.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certified by the FCC, it appears the LM-W319 model of the watch, along with the LM-W315, has also been certified by the Bluetooth SIG with the LM319 certified for A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, while the LM-315 gets IOPT (Interoperability Profile Traditional) as well.

Exactly what is running under the hood is the big question here, whether it’s the existing Snapdragon 2100 or the new, upcoming Qualcomm hardware they’ve advised is coming – likely the Snapdragon 3100 – is something we’ll have to wait for the launch of the watch, or watches for.

LG’s last Android Wear, now Wear OS watches, the LG Watch Sport and Style, didn’t make it to Australia and it’s unlikely they’ll make it here either. Still, lightning could finally strike and we may finally get some new LG Wear OS hardware.

Source: FCC.
Via: Droid-Life.
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    Les Ran

    It’s probably not worth buying any watch until the Snapdragon 3100 processor arrives. Especially with a Google-branded watch in the works.

    I think the watch category – which has been lying dormant for years – will see an explosion in popularity over the next couple of years. I think they’ll become more popular than smartphones.