The Google Home Mini is a cute little puck, but it’s a little plain (unless you got the Coral!) so dressing it up with a stand is a great idea and this R2D2 Google Home Mini mount is just the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Posted to 3D-printing database Thingiverse by Simomura, the model can be downloaded and printed on any 3D printer – though it’s apparently supposed to be printed on a Tronxy X1 printer.

The files for the R2D2 print come in five parts, giving you the option to print the model in 4 parts, or a single piece. You can if you want print it yourself if you have a 3D printer, or send it off to a nearby 3D Printer using the 3DHubs site where you’ll find this could be an expensive exercise with a print costing between around $50 at 300 μm layer height.

It’s expensive, but I’m sorely tempted, though perhaps it would make a good first project to print when I inevitably purchase a 3D Printer.

Source: Thingiverse.
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    I printed this after seeing it here. Looks pretty cool, and the kids love it. Even if I did let them colour in the blue parts (and the colour bled out to the sides a bit).