The battlegrounds for the pre-paid market have taken an interesting twist, with data pricing the newest weapon. Today Kogan has announced they’ve dropped the price of their Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large plans to just $0.99.

The Kogan Mobile plans include unlimited national calls and texts as well as up to 23GB of data operating on the Vodafone 4G network. The range of plans start as you see below, and will be on-going at the standard price after the initial 30-day offer. Small is normally $16.90 per/month, Medium is normally $29.90 per/month, Large is normally $36.90 and Extra Large costs $49.90 per month.

The Kogan Small and Medium plans were recently re-vamped to include more data with an additional 1GB of data per month on top of the already decent offerings at no extra cost.

The initial offers for the MVNO market have been getting better, with Catch Connect – who operate on the Optus 4G network recently offering their entire range of 30-day plans, including up to 15GB of data for the first 30-days for just $1 each as an introductory offer.

Potential Kogan Mobile customers have until the 19th of July to check out this latest Kogan Mobile Offer, and you can head to the Koganmobile website to check it out for yourself.

Source: Kogan Mobile.