LG’s tight partnership with Google goes a long way back with a hardware partnership extending to Nexus and Pixel phones and smartwatches, now to the inclusion of the Google Assistant in their latest flagship phones as part of their ThinQ AI offering. Now it may also soon include Google’s Augmented Reality (AR) stickers.

Google’s AR Stickers were announced alongside the Pixel 2 phones last year. AR Stickers are built using the AR Core Augmented Reality platform for Android phones and give users an Augmented Reality experience they can interact with in their camera app.

The prospect of including Google’s AR Stickers in the LG G7 camera app comes from Android Authority, who say they’ve obtained a statement from LG Korea – in Korean of course – which says that ‘LG will add the feature to the G7 ThinQ’s existing camera modes’. This, if it comes to fruition, means you’d see the AR Stickers offered in the same way as Google offers them on their Pixel phones.

Google’s AR Stickers, which include a range stretching from entertainment tie-ins such as Stranger Things and Star Wars, to sports with a Winter Olympics themed AR sticker set launched earlier this year as well as a couple of others. Google has been splitting these AR Sticker sets out from the camera app to be offered as standalone apps in Google Play since earlier this year which would then allow them to be offered on third-party devices.

It’s not officially announced as yet, so LG G7 owners will have to wait for an official announcement – and then of course the inevitable wait for a software update to enable the feature.

Source: Android Authority.