After launching the Mirage Solo standalone Daydream View headset in the US last month, it seems the Australia launch is imminent with Lenovo starting to tease the Virtual Reality system on social media.

The post, from their @lenovoANZ Instagram account, was shared over the weekend with part of the caption reading ‘The future is nearly here’.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo headset contains a super high resolution 5.5″ QHD LCD panel, with a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 4GB of RAM and has 64GB of storage including a microSD slot for more space. The headset has a USB-C port to charge the battery which will last about 7 hours. From our hands-on with the headset at Mobile World Congress we can tell you that the Mirage Solo is luxuriously comfortable to wear for extended periods with cushioning all around your eyes, as well as an adjustable band that encircles your head.

Dual cameras on the front of the Mirage Solo give you access to Google’s WorldSense technology – 6-DOF or Six Degrees Of Freedom – which allows the headset to know its position in relative space without the need for external sensors.

Lenovo Australia said in response to a query on when we’ll see the headset that they’re excited for the Miragelaunch, but have nothing further to share at this stage. They didn’t specify that it was just the headset launching, instead saying they’re looking forward to ‘Mirage’ launching here. This language says that we may hopefully be seeing the Mirage Camera launching at the same time as it did when it launched in the US.

The Mirage Camera supports Google’s VR180 format allowing you to capture, or stream VR pictures or video in full 180° through dual fish-eye lenses in front of 13MP sensors on the front to the internal 16GB of storage included on the camera.

We’re keen to see more of the Lenovo Mirage Solo, which sells for USD$399.99 (AUD$525) and the Mirage Camera, which sells for USD$299.99 (AUD$394) in the US when Lenovo Australia is ready to share.

Are you interested in a standalone Daydream View headset? How about the VR180 Camera?

Source: @LenovoANZ.