It seems yet another MVNO is getting in on the act of offering more data on their pre-paid plans, with OVO Mobile offering new plans with increased data, and discounts for the first 90 days.

The increases to data are aimed at their Medium, Large and Extra Large plans, while there is bonus data and discounts affecting their entire range of plans for the first 90 days.

The OVO Mobile Medium plan will increase from 5GB to 6GB of data per month, while the Large plan will see a 50 per cent data increase from 10GB to 15GB per month, and finally, their Extra Large plan moves from 19GB to 20GB with all plans valid for 30 days.

Their deep discounts will affect all new customers signing up before the end of June, with an End of Financial Year special which sees plans at half price, with bonus data included for the first 90 days. The Large and Extra Large plans both get increases to data on top of the announced data increases with the Large plan getting 25GB of data and the Extra Large plan getting 40GB for the first 90 days.

The increases to data are being used as an alternative to the ‘Unlimited’ plans now being offered by the three main carriers, all of whom cap speeds once the monthly limit is reached. OVO CEO Matt Jones has used their increases to data today to call on the mobile telcos to be more transparent and to stop confusing Australian consumers with low speed unlimited mobile plans.

Mr Jones said

We want more data so we can watch and listen to more content. If the data isn’t fast enough to stream with, what good is it? In trying to be first-to-market with an inferior product, all these telcos have done is give people more reasons to distrust them. Instead of trying to lock people into long-term contracts on lousy products that look good on a billboard, OVO continues to offer mobile products that actually deliver.

The disappointment is that the discounts are only being offered to new customers – as we’ve come to expect, but with much competition in this space it may be an idea to port out and then back in to gain the better deal. You can check the OVO Mobile coverage map here, and head over to their website to check out all their plans.

Source: OVO Mobile.
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    Thanks to a previous Ed on here, I found the Belong Mobile unlimited calls/sms/mms/13/1800 1Gb for $10 is far better value than OVO’s $9.95 a month. Plus, unused data is rolled over which is a huge winner.
    Still nice to see what is out there, thanks Daniel 🙂