We’ve looked at Belkin’s USB batteries before – they’re well proportioned and lightweight devices, with generous capacities at affordable prices.

Now, in case the company’s biggest battery wasn’t big enough for you, Belkin’s bumped it up with an extra 50% capacity on top. The new Power Pack 15K holds a huge 15,000 mAh capacity and offers two USB-A ports with total combined output of 5V / 3.4A.

Pretty standard as USB battery packs go, but Belkin packs in safety circuitry to ensure the battery doesn’t overheat or surge, and backs that claim up with a $2,500 connected equipment warranty.

It might not support the latest Quick Charge standard nor feature native USB C, but the Power Pack 15K’s USB-A ports are versatile enough – they can connect to and charge almost anything (most manufacturers adopting USB C still pack an A-to-C cable in the box), and if your house is anything like mine then you’ll have a ton of devices (cameras, speakers, headphones and more) that you can connect to charge.

Where I’ve found large capacity batteries very useful recently is on small weekend trips away – rather than packing a USB power charger I’ve recently taken to just carrying a battery with me instead. The 15,000 mAh battery can charge most phones between 4 and 5 times, so you might not even need to find that power socket. Plus, it’s lightweight at only 340g.

The Belkin Power Pack 15K is available now in black, white or pink. You’ll find it at Harvey Norman, JB Hi-fi, Myer, and direct from Belkin’s website and it’ll cost $79.95.

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Philip Clark

” (most manufacturers adopting USB C still pack an A-to-C cable in the box)”

The benefit is that cable serves both as battery to device connection for usb-c devices, and wall to battery connection for recharging the battery. This battery requires you to bring at least 2 cables if you want to be able to recharge both your usb-c device and the battery.

Get a Tronsmart Presto, it’s cheaper, has usb-c and is quickcharge compatible.


so $80 for a USB A/micro 15000mah power bank???
Why is this even being advertised here?
Miniso has 20000mah power banks for around $50 in a shop in australia
Romoss/Ankor/Xiaomi all have 20000mah power banks with USB C for much cheaper…

Manoj Bhandari

Micro USB, really? Goddammitt!

Jeni Skunk

Where’s the second USB-A power out socket on those power banks?
The photos only show one USB-A on the top.


yeah that looks like the 5k photo.