We’ve been seeing a lot of the Pixel 3 XL lately, with screen protectors and then the phone itself showing up in the wild. Today, the artist behind the renders of the Pixel 3 XL we saw late last month has shared some updated renders of the phone based on these latest leaks.

The render shows the phone in Black, which we’ve already seen in the grainy images that were shared last week, but the designer – @phonedesigner on Twitter – has also shown the phone in the Kinda Blue and Stormtrooper (Black & White) colour variants which launched last year.

For those that like things simple, the designer has also shown an updated version of the Black variant of the Pixel 3 XL, which they describe as ‘more accurate’ based on the latest leaks.

The colour choices are kinda cool, but all I really want to see is a red version of the phone. Google’s Red Nexus 5 is one of their raciest and hottest (IMHO) phones in terms of design that they’ve ever released. There’s also been a massive trend from phone manufacturers this year to release red variants – so if @phonedesigner is listening, give us a hot red render!

There’s been a lot of talk about the Pixel 3 XL so far, now hopefully the Pixel 3 can get the same treatment and then we can compare some nice looking renders.

Source: @phonedesigner.
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Not really a fan of the notch. I’d rather have the same size of the speaker at the top as the one on the bottom of the phone, it just doesn’t seem quite right. Also I think it’s just pointless having that extra real estate on the screen, that when you watch a video it doesn’t even get used cos if it does, it would be annoying to have the notch cropping out a bit of the video. Like, if you’re going “edge to edge screen”, just completely get rid of whatever there is on the edges. I’d stick to… Read more »


Dam that black looks sexy defanilty will be buying. Just love the pure Android experience.

jimmy cychowski

Think I’ll be holding on to my black and white pixel 2 xl, for a couple of years, not much of a design difference, in the pixel 3 xl, other than the Notch, love the look of them ??

Luke Vesty

Sexy for sure! I really quite like Google’s distinct look for the Pixels.