For Chromebook users, the Google Pixelbook is the ultimate machine for the time being and with support for official Linux containers with Crosstini now official, it appears that Google is looking for their next challenge, and it could include Microsoft Windows 10 certification.

Discovered by XDA-Developers in a commit on the Chrome Gerrit, are mentions of Google Engineers working on Microsoft’s WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) and HLK (Hardware Lab Kit) with the USB support for ‘Eve’ (the Pixelbooks hardware codename) specifically singled out.

This mention of Microsoft’s official hardware certification kits show that it’s intended to be official support, not some hack job for the Chromebook Pixel. In terms of next steps, if Google does manage to have the Pixelbook certified for Windows 10, it would mean that signed drivers from Windows 10 could then be used on the machine.

It’s really unclear as to whether this is intended to be a side project for the Pixelbook which is only intended for use internally by Googlers, or if there is plans to extend this to users willing to perhaps use a developer mode to gain Windows support on their machine. Google has been making a lot of moves towards giving developers the tools to develop code on their hardware, specifically with the launch of Linux containers allowing them to launch Linux apps, so an option to run full blown MS Windows would also be a developer friendly move.

It’s a matter of wait and see, but as a Pixelbook owner it’s quite exciting.

Source: Chrome Gerrit.
Via: XDA-Developers.
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    Phillip Malone

    I’d be more interested, and don’t know if these need these sort of certifications for it, if it was for setting up Virtual Machines like, as I poorly understand it, Apple can on MacOS.

    That would allow me to run a Virtual Machine for my Work things that need windows but have all the benefits of the Pixelbook.

    Of course, this assumes that you could get them officially here in the first place (and no, I don’t mean shipped in US models, I mean Aussie ones designed to be sold here).

    Luke Roberts

    If this happens… especially if it is dual-boot….SHUT-UP and take my money!