The FIFA World Cup has now kicked off, and it’s kind of a big deal; you could even call it football Christmas. You’ll be able to watch some matches on SBS (and catch up through On Demand), but if you want to watch every game, you’ll need an Optus Sport subscription.

If you want to gorge on all 64 World Cup matches, Optus Sport is your only option other than spending A LOT of time at the pub. Which sounds kind of fun, actually.

Optus Sport used to be exclusive to Optus customers, but anyone can now subscribe for $14.99 per month, regardless of what telco you’re with. You can sign-up directly through the Optus Sport app, which you’ll find on Google Play. There’s no lock-in contracts, so you’re able to cancel when the Wold Cup is over if there’s nothing else you want to watch.

But if you want to save yourself $15 a month and are okay with swapping to Optus, Optus Sport is included with most Optus mobile, mobile broadband, tablet, and broadband plans. In fact, prepaid and fixed home wireless are the only two plan categories with no Optus Sport whatsoever. You also won’t get Optus Sport on contract-free plans.

SIM-only phone plans from $35 and up include Optus Sport:

Every phone you can get on a 24-month contract includes Optus Sport, regardless of whether you’re buying your phone or leasing. Here’s what they look like with a 64GB S9 (the $69 plan with 12GB is a pretty great deal, for what it’s worth):

Data-only SIMs from $20 and up include Optus Sport:

Tablets on a 24-month contract also include Optus Sport. Here’s what plans for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017):

Optus’ Ultra Entertainment broadband plan includes Optus Sport. You can get this plan on ADSL, NBN, and cable connections:

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Allen Baranov

Something to note: it uses Google credit/money (whatever it is called these days…) so you don’t have to sign up with credit card and such. Just use the credit you have in the Play Store.

Because of that – I am now $15 poorer 🙂