With Amazon now well into their Australian launch, we’ve been toying with the Alexa powered Echo line of smart devices now on the market and you too can snag a bargain with the entire range discounted in their mid-year sale.

The entire Echo line is discounted, with the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus and the newly launched Echo Spot all discounted by up to $70. The Echo Dot has been dropped to $49 (was $79), the Echo is now $119 (normally $149), the Echo Plus with built-in Smart Home hub has dropped to $149 (was $229) and the Echo Spot is now just $179 (normally $199).

The Alexa powered devices are quite powerful and have plenty of third party support including quite an extensive list of Australian businesses offering ‘Skills’ – third party applications – for the platform, which is constantly growing.

I’ve so far reviewed the Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Spot and found the entire range to be very compelling. The discount in price can also be paired with a discount for your first order – simply use the code ‘AMAZON20‘ on orders over $79 to get $20 off.

If you’ve been intrigued by the Echo line, this is a good time to jump in and check them out.

Source: Amazon.