If you’ve tried to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 using the Optus Sport app yesterday, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the message above. Countless Twitter users took to social media last night to lambast Optus for the poor quality experience the Optus Sport app was offering, with common criticisms including:

  • The app failed to stream at all (showing the message above)
  • Streaming worked intermittently, failing after a few seconds to every few minutes

Paying customers – who pay $14.99 per month – to access the Optus Sport service were left woefully disappointed, and with little alternative for Australian viewers, they’re rightfully upset.

SBS – which has held the rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup in past years – only has the rights to broadcast some 25 matches, meaning the only place to watch all 64 games live is Optus Sport.

Fortunately, SBS is broadcasting all of Australia’s matches (and a few others) live and free in High Definition, so there’s some comfort there. Better yet, SBS is streaming the Match of the Day (which will be the Australian match, if there is one that day) using SBS On Demand, so you can “tune in” on your smart TV of choice, phone or tablet, too.

For those football fans who want to watch a bit more, the Optus Sport experience so far has been – frankly – a bit shit.

Optus responded (albeit, briefly and without any real contrition) on Facebook earlier this morning:

Personally, I couldn’t get streaming working for this morning’s Spain v Portugal match, but after rebooting my phone, I was able to get it going (albeit with a few stutters).

We have a few tips for those who are trying to watch the matches live:

  • If you have digital TV reception, you can watch all Socceroos games live and free on SBS (and SBS HD). You can also watch on SBS on Foxtel (but it’s only Standard Definition)
  • You can use the SBS On Demand app to watch all Socceroos games live, too (and replay them)
SBS On Demand
SBS On Demand
Developer: SBS Corporation
Price: To be announced
  • The official FIFA World Cup app (from SBS and Optus) uses different technology to stream to your phone, tablet or Chromecast. You can use your Optus Sport login – if you have one – to access Optus Sport exclusive matches. Note that while the app promises Chromecast support, it doesn’t APPEAR to work.
The World Game
The World Game
Developer: SBS Corporation
Price: To be announced
  • If you’re using Optus Sport and it fails to start streaming, reboot your phone or device. Sounds silly, we know, but it may help.

Let us know where and how you’re enjoying the FIFA World Cup, and any tips or tricks you find for getting things working better.

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“The official FIFA World Cup app (from SBS and Optus) … promises Chromecast support, it doesn’t APPEAR to work.”

I’ve had no issues watching several matches via Chromecasting the FIFA World Cup app to my TV. Occasionally it fails to recognise that I have a Chromecast when I first open the app, but opening the Google Home app, then going back to the FIFA app solves that.

Dean Rosolen

I’m not at all surprised that Optus Sport has gone to shit. The same thing has happened with their EPL coverage.

Makes you wonder about the quality of their mobile and home broadband services doesn’t it?


Thanks for the tip Chris. I sideloaded the app onto my shield console and the app works well with a mouse connected but I couldn’t get it to stream. I’ll give this a try tonight and see how it goes