Optus’ performance during the FIFA World Cup 2018 so far has them well and truly at the bottom of the table. Their woes have been well documented since the second night of play with many subscribers unable to view the World Cup at all.

Now, not only are Optus promising to fix the issues (once again) but are also offering some recompense to subscribers in the form of a Fetch Mini set-top box. The Fetch mini set-top box will be available in-store once your Optus Sport email address has been verified by Optus staff and will be free ($0 per month) for 12 months. What happens after that is unclear at this stage.

Not only will the Fetch Mini set-top box provide you with a way to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 from home but you can also watch/pause and rewind free to air TV through it and load extra Fetch TV channels onto it (for a price).

Stock will of course be limited and the offer ends on Friday 22 June 2018 so if you have been one of those affected head straight for your nearest Optus store to pick up your free Fetch Mini.

Source: Optus.
Via: EFTM.
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Is this any different to the app for Xbox or the Chromecast from Android app?

I still don’t get the point for these devices when we have so many smart devices already attached to TV (Console/Apple TV/Android Box/Smart TV etc…)


I tried at my local Rockhampton store today at around 4pm. They wouldn’t hand one out at all, no matter how I explained it, even though it was on their website they were fully aware. Apparently I was the eighth person today to visit the store with this query. Maybe it will take another day for the directive to filter down to local management.

Michael Petkov

After the 12 months you are required to hand back the Fetch Mini unit, as per staff in Store.


Sounds like a super deal. I have the retail version of Fetch TV (from a shop instead of an ISP) and if you don’t like the high prices Foxtel charges for their offerings it gives a good selection of content at a much more reasonable price.

Allister Roger

If you have optus sport rolled into your plan, no fetch TV mini. Just wanted an hour of my life in Woden act store